Women on diet more often born girls

Diet WomanWomen who diet during conception, or rarely snack more often born girls, show the results of a British study. This is the first scientific evidence that the amount of dietary intake of energy relevant to the sex of the child’s future, as more as it is, the greater the chances the child is male. According to scientists from the universities of Oxford and Exeter, this fact may explain why in most developed countries where more women are on a diet, number of births to girls surpasses that of boys tend to be increasing slowly – about 1 in 1000 for a period of 40 years. Experts explain this with the fact that they are likely to enter the body less calories, ie lower blood sugar levels, he “relies” this as a signal of lack of sufficient food and reacts according to the laws of evolution. Although the sex of children is determined by genes of the father of science is already known that high glucose levels in maternal him “encourage” the development of male fetus. The mechanism of this action, however, has not yet been established.
According to British scientists, from the perspective of evolution according to a similar logic: “The man’s home in nature is dependent on the physical effort that makes it, while a typical female to lead a stagnant life. If the mother has sufficient sources of food, and a male offspring, it actually increases the likelihood that the clan can be successfully extended to the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, than if they bore a girl. But if times are hard and food does not reach the pattern is the opposite – the female offspring at greater length provides a kind. Survey results published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, told Reuters.

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