White bread badly affects the heart

White BreadIsraeli cardiologists have found that white bread and other products high in carbohydrates are harmful not only shape but also for the heart. They lead to stretching of the arteries due to shoulder high glycemic index, and elasticity of arteries, as is known, is an important indicator of a healthy heart. According to scientists, the sharp expansion of the walls of arteries involve negative consequences of various diseases and sudden death. In the experiment of the processes in the arteries to as a burden and after use of food with high glycemic index of 56 people participated. Participants were divided into four groups. In one set for a month eats corn kernels in milk, the other with sugar mixture, bran bread with a third, fourth adhere to simple mode.
Those first three groups receiving a high glycemic index, high in carbohydrates and high arterial causing stress. Researchers concluded that such fast food increases the level of sugar in the blood, and hence provoke heart attacks and sudden death. It is for this reason should be restricted in the use of white bread, corn products, potatoes, sweet fizzy drinks. Instead, the nurses advised to focus on oatmeal, beans, nuts, fruits and vegetables – products with low glycemic index. These products will protect the heart and figure.

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