Which diseases can recognize in the eyes

Eyes healthThe eyes are one of the most complex and mysterious of human body organs. In literature they are often called “mirror of the soul, but they can also be a mirror of the diseases that develop completely unnoticed in our body – at least according to alternative medicine. For example:
Strong puffy upper eyelids can not speak for the formation of gallstones.
Rheumy eyeballs with red vessels in the cornea are evidence of developing glaucoma.
If in eyes regularly appears sluzest white coating must be inspected for cataracts.
Small dark spots under eyes are a sign of the likelihood of the formation of kidney stones.
Sty or speak for any infection or misuse of greasy food, which impairs the performance of liver and bile.
If the skin under your eyes is violet or brown hue, this is a signal to check the kidneys, the level of blood glucose, thyroid and cardiovascular system.
Frequent blinking is a sign of uncertainty not only in themselves, but for any disease of the nervous system and liver.
The inner surface of the eyelids of a healthy person is pink. If the color is red, it suggests disturbances in blood circulation, digestive system disorders or problems in the genital area.
Blood-circles evidence for impaired white color of the inner surface of the eyelids. Rather, it comes to anemia caused by iron shortages and insufficient quantity of hemoglobin in the blood.
A red-yellow hue speaks of disorder in the work of the kidneys, liver, spleen, pancreas or heart.

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