When the temperature should be decreased

Boy TemperatureThe Fever is one of the manifestations of acute infections. Its emergence is stimulated by a substance called endogenous pyrogens. But it simultaneously contributes to the production of interferon, which in turn protects the body from infection. So increasingly in modern medicine is launched the idea that temperature is not always and under all conditions must be downloaded. Most experts now believe that until it reaches a certain level, it generally must be a fight. Of course, you need to meet certain conditions and the first of these is the “bed” mode.
When the temperature is too high
This primarily depends on the age and general health.
- For example, if the child is aged 3 years is considered a high temperature above 38 degrees C. If it is, for example 37.5 degrees, the child wrapped in a wet sheet (water should be at room temperature with 2-3 spoons of vinegar added ). In this case it is not necessary to give medication. But if it does not help, the child must take the syrup – most often containing paracetamol. Not exhibit amateur and seek medical advice.
- If it comes to children under 12 years, forget about aspirin and it contained pharmacies. The adoption of these drugs against the viral infection can cause Reye’s syndrome – a severe complication consisting in destruction of the liver and brain and can be fatal. The most safe and are often preferred means again containing paracetamol or ibuprofen. The selection is great – the tablets in soluble form or syrups. It is good to know that soluble preparations act more quickly, but as candles slower than the tablets, but did so for longer. Of course, it is not necessary to forget the traditional methods of traditional medicine – ice on the forehead, put a slice of lemon on the heels of the child, turning the legs with a damp cloth.

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