Understanding BMI and Xenical for Better Weight Loss

Lose WeightWeight loss or slimming is not a cosmetic term anymore. Because of the growing incidence of weight-related health problems, everyone is taking it seriously and working on fat reduction. Regular exercise and a healthy eating habit can help you stay fit. Weight loss pills can also help you in many ways to reduce excess fat in the body. But the question is when should you seriously start thinking about fat reduction?
Understanding body mass index (BMI)
Body mass index is one of the primary indicators of overweight or obese conditions. An individual with a healthy BMI can dodge many potential health problems, including arthritis and heart conditions. It is a simple measurement which helps doctors determine if their patients need to work on losing or gaining weight.
A man of 6’5” with a body weight of 200 pounds does not appear to be overweight or obese, but a man of 5’8″ with the same body weight does look large. This is because a person’s height plays an important role in determining the condition of his body weight. The body mass index score takes into account both height and weight.
BMI = mass (lb) x 703/(height (inches))2
If your BMI is between 25 and 29.9, you are overweight and need to work on reducing body fats. But if your BMI is 30 or more, you are obese and should seek medical advice. Also remember that a low BMI is not a sign of respite either. People with BMI scores around 18 are considered to be underweight and are prone to develop many health conditions because of malnutrition.
Planning weight loss with Xenical orlistat
Once you know your BMI, it becomes easier to plan the next steps. If treatment is necessary, you can try out Xenical orlistat. It is a prescription weight loss pill recommended for treating overweight or obese conditions. This medicine works on the fat you consume through food and blocks one-third of it from being digested. For best results, you should take Xenical after each meal. But try to avoid high-calorie meals when you are on the orlistat therapy. Also, do not expect the medicine to work like magic. It may take up to 3 months to find out noticeable reduction in your body weight, provided you follow your doctor’s advice.
Xenical and body mass index
Even though a BMI score of 25 is a sign of being overweight, Xenical should not be taken unless it is 27 or more. So if your BMI is 25.9, you should try to reduce your weight without the help of orlistat. Talk to your doctor for more expert advice.
Why Xenical?
The medicine can be taken with other health conditions such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol or heart problems. Another unique thing about Xenical is that it does not restrict your eating options. You can eat anything you wish, as long as the food is not very high on calorie.
Talking to the doctor
Consultation with your doctor is the most important part of your weight loss regime with Xenical. Your doctor will prescribe the drug only if it is an appropriate weight loss program for you. So you need to provide the details of your present and past health conditions, along with the details of your daily diet and expectations from Xenical.
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