Transparency of the eye lens depends on the purity of blood

Woman EyesThe Lenses of human eyes have no vascular system, ie the blood vessels. Their feeding is done through a transparent flow of intraocular fluid, which must contain in its composition only valuable substances and oxygen. Therefore, the purity of blood circulating in the blood Ruslan, depends on the transparency of eye lens. A purity of blood is related to the purity of the intestine and liver. By these authorities fully depends on human health. Unfortunately for the big 90 percent of the population due to poor nutrition, is suffering from dis-bacterilogic. This happens when you disturb the balance between normal and pathogenic microflor. To restore the normal microflor helps sprouting wheat. It contains all the necessary complex human natural vitamins and trace elements – calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, aluminum, iron, boron, zinc. Sprouting wheat as a hair brush clean any of the intestinal sheath. Some people, as a result of such evacuation have saved even polyps. Intestine is open, is normal microflor.
Twice during winners of the Nobel Prize, discoverer of several vitamins (C, P, A) St. Albert Derdi started sprouting wheat used (seedlings) at 70 years of age and 10 years after the glory that is no longer ill and nothing feels better than ever. The Method of preparation of sprouted wheat: grains are washed with tap water, placed in a tray and flush with water. After 2-3 days the beans and cut sprouts appear around cm in length and a half. Then again they are well washed and grinding. The resulting table is stored in the refrigerator no more than 4-5 days and every day morning and evening on an empty stomach to take a full 4 spoonfuls. Can mix with honey.

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