Touch helps for happines in children

Baby TouchAny contact with a loved one, even scratch, facilitate release of the hormone of joy, therefore it prolongs life, according to British experts quoted by the BBC. If a person is very upset and want to relax, you catch it in hand and thus without thinking it have a positive healing effect, lower blood pressure and slow down his heart beat. One area of 2 cm ² Skin is not less than 50 nerve endings and therefore the nervous system that is first perceived impact on the skin. Galena and light massage are able to reduce nervous irritability and even stop the pain. In a recent research 40 infants were divided into two groups. Children from the first group were fondling a 45 minutes every day. After 10 days in them have been registered more rapid weight gain, although children from both groups received the same amount of food. Touch, hearing and vision are very important for children because they depend on their psychological development and social status. Adults also need to satisfy all needs of the bodies of feelings. Therefore, some researchers even recommend to embrace his favorite person at least 4 times a day.
Even amicable pat on the shoulder or contact of the hands cause the feeling of ownership and mitigate “touch hunger”. This favorable impact not only on the nervous system but also to other systems in the body. So – do not give up on pleasures! Remember also Gauls children – mostly in the head and back.
There is even tactile way of learning the alphabet: Stick to the wall at shoulder height sheet of paper, give a child or ink pens, place it over with leaves and write pointer block letters of the alphabet. Name the letter and ask the child write it on the sheet. This method is especially useful for children who have difficulty remembering the letters. Handshake, a pat on the shoulder, embracing at the meeting and parting, tapping his fingers on the table, combed hair, slightly rubbed on the forehead and temples – all are ways to quench the “touch hunger”, ie and extending the life

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