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Woman HairThe Beautiful hair makes women feel even better than a new pair of shoes or designer handbag. What if you were seven days a week, leaving home with hair like a shampoo ad from? Hair definitely has his own opinion, but with these tips – from healthy hair in the correct modern hair shampoo – is going, we hope every day with the greatest hair you have ever had. of course the modern products, just like thicker hair shampoo, are making the hair stronger and will give you a chance to create the hairstyle you want.
Hair Styles should be chosen according to the shape of your face. Face shape very accurately determine what type of hairstyles are suitable or unsuitable for you. What is your?
1. First, measure your face horizontally, starting from the top of the cheekbones. Save this measure.
2. Then stretched over his face centimeter height of the jaw. Record number.
3. Measure the widest part of the forehead, just above the eyebrow line, and save the result.
4. Finally, measure the distance between the hairline and at the bottom but the chin. Record number.
Oval face: Your face length is about 1 1 / 2 times longer than the width. This form would your ideal almost everything – from very short to very long hair. Only avoid with tousled hair strands that float in the face.
Round face: The length and width are approximately equal. With raised hair styles are suitable, just make sure you left a few tufts placed. Would if you went and cut my hair in layers – so you make up a round shape. The length is also important, and light fringe can complement your face.
Square face: width of the forehead and jaw are almost identical. Try hairstyle with long hair in layers and give the height of his hair, and lift it and hold a few curls. Suitable for square face hair is completely straight road in the middle, short hair to chin length and thick bangs.
A heart face: distance between the cheeks and / or forehead is the widest part and the jaw seems small and narrow. Choose casual styles of layers that would not stop attention on the bottom of your face. Keep your hair cut or released in a manner so as to reduce the length of the face. But avoid the mean length.
Hair is hungry, just like you. What you eat can make your hair different from the roots.
Hair is composed of keratin – a protein solidified. It needs a combination of essential amino acids (such as in red meat and dairy products) and proteins from non animal origin. Try the following foods to obtain such proteins:
- Cereal + milk products: oatmeal with milk as;
- Cereals + legumes: rice and beans, peanut butter on whole wheat bread;
- Seeds + milk products: sunflower seeds on homemade cheese.

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