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Dental HealthEveryone knows what foods are bad for your teeth. But it knows that there are those that fight bacteria, remove plaque, strengthen enamel and freshen breath. Here are a few such foods. Eat celery or carrots once a day. Chewing hard vegetables stimulates saliva, which neutralizes bacterias. Moreover, massages gums and cleans interdental space. Eating of sesame seeds did remove plaque and strengthens tooth enamel. Prevents bone around the teeth and gums. You can add them to salad or steamed vegetables. Suffice it three times a week. Cheese is good for the teeth for several reasons – it contains carbohydrates and very little calcium and phosphate. These factors maintain the balance of pH in the oral cavity and not allowing bacteria to damage the teeth. Protect enamel and produce saliva, which kills bacteria. Before going to bed you can eat cheese. Great care was eating gum morning. The kiwi has a high content of vitamin C stops the destruction of collagen in the gums. Green tea destroys bacteria cause of bad breath and removes the one that turns sugar into plaque. Drink green tea every day.
Strange as it sounds – onion is useful for teeth. It smells really strong and some – unpleasant, but is the perfect nemesis of bacteria. Add it to your salad, then you can always wash your teeth. For more freshness can eat few mint leaves. The water protects the mouth from bacteria to cause plaque and decay. Rinse your mouth with water after eating, it is also the prevention against bad breath. Do not eat soft sticky foods that stay easily between teeth and create an ideal environment for bacteria. Use a straw when drinking from a bottle. Avoid products with high sugar content.

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