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Beauty faceA sustained period of numerous procedures for recovery after laser smoothing of the person may deny some women wishing to quickly rejuvenate. After some time, actually there is change – skin not only restored but also significantly transform its structure. The studies of treated skin as 2 months after the procedure showed that its matrix becomes more dense, and the quantity of collagen fibers increased significantly. Thus the new epedermis lies on a sounder basis, and the skin is stretched and becomes smoother. Upgrading the intercellular substance of the dermis after different types of peels primarily explained by the general stress that skin tested during the procedures. A role in stimulating the process of regeneration has photo-biological action of the laser. After the removal of aging skin cells to “mobilize” and 1-2 days after the procedure in the field of border heat damage is found high concentration of growth factors and other biologically active molecules. All this leads to significant activation of skin cells involved in the renovation of the intercellular substance of the dermis. Long-term regeneration of the skin may be accelerated by using modern coatings for wounds, creating favorable conditions.
To this end, shall be used:
• hydrogel – natural or natural polymers that can bind large amounts of fluids. They are placed in the wound in the form of ready gel. Moreover, the composition includes antiseptics, antioxidants, adjuvants, activators of cell division.
• transparent tape self-releasable based on silicone or polyethylene, which protect the wound from bacteria and retain moisture. In their well-visible surface of the wound, allowing the physician to monitor her healing.
• coatings based on collagen fibers, used to accelerate epitalization large areas of skin.
If you decide to undergo such procedures, our advice is to first turn to a specialist dermatologist in detail can you explain the different methods and help you select the right one for you.

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