The cholesterol may hurt thin people too

Thin PeopleIncreased total cholesterol always mean “bad cholesterol”. The cholesterol is an important component involved in the structure of our cells and the production of important hormones in the body. It is transported with the aid of special molecules called lipoproteins. The lipoproteins’ low density (LDL) contain more cholesterol and less protein. To be “exempt” from the overload, they carry cholesterol load p on the walls of the vessels. Form is called. Ateromatozni plaques that narrow and can completely clog the vessel lumen. Popular with the name “bad” cholesterol. The lipoproteins’ high density (HDL) contain more protein and less cholesterol. They derive “cholesterol from the walls of the vessels and carry it to the liver for processing and removal from the body. Holesterolat Therefore, HDL is known by the name of” good “.
Increased when cholesterol is hereditary, not how to deal with it. Increased level of cholesterol may be due to a familial predisposition, as in about 3 percent of the people. Usually they the cholesterol is high from an early age and not influenced by diet. In these cases, experts recommend taking lipido-decreasing equipment (extra), drugs that are written and adopted under medical supervision.
Taking about lipido-decreasing facility may be terminated immediately after normalization of cholesterol levels. The levels may be reduced, but if you stop taking the medicine the cholesterol, especially “bad” from the new will be increased. For any change in their treatment should consult your own doctor.
If you do not take fat the cholesterol will normalize. Healthy diet is essential but must be followed for a long time to give good results. Taking more fiber (fruits, vegetables, whole foods) and low-fat food is part of it. Compliance with the diet is the first step to lowering cholesterol, but there are other ‘factors that influence. level in the blood – lifestyle, heredity. Besides diet is often necessary to change. in physical activity – exercise helps to increase HDL, and for burning excess fat.
The Eggs and dairy products are full of cholesterol and should not be consumed. Even people with high cholesterol can consume these foods, but moderate. One of the best products of living nature are eggs. They contain a complex of protein with balanced amino acids composition, fat with high biological value, vitamins and minerals, all with very good absorption by the body.

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