The allergies are the mass fever

AllergiesThe allergies over the past 20-30 years become an increasingly major problem. It seems that the advantages and conveniences of modern life, along with modernization of excessive stress are the main reasons for this. Life in captivity and new substances and allergens, such as different types of pollen, food, environmental pollution, contributing to increased incidence of allergies in Europe. Other factors such as cigarette smoke or street pollution from motor vehicles may often provoke allergy. Person may be allergic to more than one substance (allergen), which is called Poli-sence. If you spend more time indoors, you may have exposure to multiple allergens specific to the internal environment these are home dust molds, pets and certain foods.
Hay fever is an allergy caused by pollens. Although this remains the most common type of allergy, today there are many other substances or allergens to which we are allergic. Allergic rhinitis is the medical term for the symptoms of the nose, occurring as a result of hypersensitivity of the immune system to an allergen. If symptoms of the nose accompanied by those of the eyes, then the disease is called allergic rhino-conunctivit. Hay fever can be seen as a kind of allergic rhinitis. In contact with the allergen, the immune system attacks it, unlock the release of a mediator, called histamine. Separation of the drug causes symptoms of allergy.

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