Tea is healthy and tasty

TeaAll statistics show that tea is undoubtedly the most popular beverage in the world. Its history is centuries old. It is difficult to determine exactly when people started to drink the decoction of its leaves, but on his country no dispute – this is China. According to the legend of Shen Nong, who before about 4800, the Chinese learned to grow and use plant. To help people, he tested himself on various leaves, stems and roots. The first systematic treatise on tea, Cha Jing (Tea canon) appeared in China in the Tang Dynasty. Lu Yu Its author describes in detail the production of tea growing areas, the quality of tea and how to prepare the drink. Buddhist monks, missionaries carried the tea to Japan, and gradually he also reached Europe. In 1547 Cossacks present it to the king unusual gift – a jar of fragrant tea. In Europe, tea was brought by the Dutch. In 1684 he secretly planted in Indonesia. In India, comes much later – only in 1831 and five years later, England received the first shipment of Indian tea. Then he became very common in Ceylon, where from an unknown disease killed all the coffee plantations. Today tea is grown in Africa (Kenya) and South America.
Green tea
That is the most traditional Chinese mass product – the richness of its range, it ranks first in the world. Green tea is grown in most Chinese provinces. It keeps all the vitamins and nutrients, which is rich in fresh tea leaf and thanks to that for processing is subjected only to drying and winding. The color of tea is light, bright green, transparent, and scent – fresh and pleasant. “White Monkey”, “Green gem” Green peony are some of the most famous variety of green tea.
Jasmine tea
Actually this is tea, which is further flavored with jasmine flowers in Chinese. The scent of jasmine in Chinese traditional medicine is considered a “deep penetration” and helps to improve the conductivity of all energy channels in the body. It helps not only the feeling of freshness, but also to enhance the mood. Silver feather “,” jasmine class “,” Molly syuehua are some of the known varieties of tea flavored with jasmine.
What tea is useful:
- Helps urinating, alcohol intoxication and withdrawal of toxins in the body;
- Facilitate the release of gastric juice improves appetite and digestion, regulates fat metabolism;
- Removed sleepiness and fatigue, refreshes;
- Contribute to strengthening the tendons and bones and the formation of blood, supports thyroid function;
- Improves eyesight, enhances immunity, protects against alcohol addiction;
- Strengthens teeth and freshens the mouth because it is rich in bactericidal substances and vitamin C which is particularly useful in periodontal disease;
- An excellent tool for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebral-vascular diseases, because the vessels expand, improving breathing, muscle tone regulates activity without it accelerates, does not cause tachycardia, did not increase blood protects against increased levels of cholesterol and from coronary heart disease;
- Tea is a strong disinfectant;
- Restores thyroid function and helps the body to oppose the exposure to radiation;
- Enhances immunity;
- Contributes to weight loss because it contains substances that break down fat and promote removal of the slag.
- Green tea contains trace elements that lower cholesterol in the blood.

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