Take measures against the viruses without medicines

Health pillsCONSOLIDATION OF IMMUNITY is undoubtedly one of the most discussed topics today. Many are worried about how to prepare for the season of flu and colds. The most common advice is to take USEFUL. Almost always there are people who tell stories of pathos with some “remarkable tool, which have benefited and who has helped the family, neighbors, relatives … A doctor once asked: Why do you take? Immunostimulant already an integral part of many lives in the autumn. The child fell into despondency, did not want to, go to school, we gave him drops, it goes through the whole course and everything is fine. Must send a draft, but we often catch cold. On the advice of colleagues, drink some magic medicine that helps a lot. “At the same time, experts constantly warn that the immune system is too complex to” tightening “of such funds. To achieve a healthy balance must be equalized two forces: anti-inflammatory (induce inflammation entrants kills harmful germs and viruses) and inflammatory (control processes as the action). Violations of this balance leads to serious consequences, including may entail infectional toxic shock.
In no event should not take USEFUL those whose relatives suffer from autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, etc.).. Most USEFUL sold without a prescription in pharmacies, not seriously affect the immune system. When a cold or flu they can help (and not always!), But to drink preventive specialists are strongly opposed. Widespread but erroneous belief is that we need to increase their immunity to common colds and inflammatory diseases crossing in chronic, difficult to heal wounds, etc. Only a doctor can determine the real need USEFUL. According to statistics, only 5% of people actually have problems with your immune system, which need serious treatment.
Immune system still holds quite unknown to medicine. Its task is to fight against external stimuli that enter the body and are able to cause him serious harm. Immunity, regardless of whether the cellular or humoral, can be assessed using imunograms, but this research is useful only for certain diseases. Patients who suffer from diseases transmissible sexually, no abnormalities in the immune status. This once again confirms that a sexual infection can infect any healthy person. But according to specialists in urogenital infections makes sense to evaluate the immune status.
In common colds can suffer various units of the immune system. For example, if you have had an acute contagious viral disease, you may be appointed to study. It will help the doctor to choose the most appropriate preparations to restore balance in your immune system. Assessment of immune status is made and fasting for the purpose of blood is taken from a vein. Immunity of children to form secondary to 5 th year. Therefore, the research they differ from those in adults. Particularly important is the assessment of immune status of the child to be read by a good specialist, who would distinguished serious violations of common age characteristics.

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