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6 ways to make your brain works better

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Man HeadHave you ever to forget to do something important? Or longer, you can not remember the numbers on your own phone? Or maybe you had to glue where you notes for things not necessarily have to do?
American psychologists from the University of Chicago have joined the results of several research and provide eight basic rules how man can better mobilize your brain:
1. Select the appropriate time for mental strain – the memory of middle-aged people work better in the morning while young to remember much easier and better in the middle of the day.
2. Record. An ancient Chinese wisdom says: “Even the most pale ink kept thinking longer than the best memory.” Keep a diary, who scored in all things important to you.
3. Stimulate memory. Recent studies show that the amount of caffeine contained in a cup of coffee is enough to help you concentrate.
4. Choose your intellectual profession. Studies from Poland have shown that people whose career depends on their intellectual abilities, try to use his memory and intellect possible, further developing them.
5. Communicate with people smarter than you. Communicating with them will have an incentive to develop your memory and intellectual abilities in general. This rule affects the choice of a partner family.

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