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What arthrosis dislikes?

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

arthrosisTake care of yourself ingredient. People who are trying different ways to “develop” the patient is actually making a big mistake. Particularly serious consequences this “treatment” may have in cox-arthrosis – defeat of the hip. Running, long walks, therapeutic gymnastics, cycling, crawling on his knees and hit on the joint benefit instead lead to its further destruction. If you use a cane, can slow the progress of the disease and to relieve the work of the joint. Be careful with physiotherapy! Lasers, ultrasound, high frequency currents, electric fields, etc. should not apply in cases where the joint appears fluid rising or pain. Physiotherapy can be performed only when it is inflamed. As to the massage, the patient was able to massage, but very carefully so as not to cause inflammation of the tissues it (arthritis). Instead of thermal procedures exacerbation of arthrosis is recommended to use cooling. Put it on the patient for 20 minutes, a towel, and on it – pack ice.

Some tips for good mood

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

SmileHere are some tips that hopefully will help you always wake up filled with energy and a willingness to work.
1. Instead of staring the week suppressed the countless tasks that you expect and require a solution, its composition from the evening (or morning coffee) a list of what you must do and by when. Thus better plan their time and succeeded in doing everything according to its term.
2. Try to plan each day and picnic, which will help you relax: watching movies, meeting friends, bath with aromatic oils, and massage.
3. Organize your workplace on Friday afternoon. Last hours of the week are generally less productive. But they are better able to deal with the accumulated notes on his desk and leave only what will be needed on Monday. Clean workplace creates a feeling of freshness, one quickly adjusts to work and concentrate on urgent tasks.
4. Begin the day (not just Monday!) With exercise. Studies show that as a result of the exercise is made serotonin, which prevents the onset of depression and pessimistic. 30 minutes of exercise is beneficial for the heart and help you feel a burst of energy. This time is enough to open up the pores, skin, believe it or not, has a great bearing on the mood.

Diet against osteoporosis

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

OsteoporosisCan a diet to fight against osteoporosis? It has been shown that regular physical activity and diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, prevents osteoporosis. This insidious disease withers 1 / 3 of women in the world, but can it be prevented. Unhealthy lifestyles, which lead people, especially Western Europeans, leading to high morbidity rate of osteoporosis, a progressive increase. Low physical activity and high consumption of animal protein (meat and dairy products) are the main risk factors for osteoporosis, or “quiet thief who robbed 25% of the skeleton, as it is called disease. Postmenopausal women suffer most and have an increased risk of broken bones. Thinning of the bones, along with age, can be avoided or at least delayed through the adoption of certain changes in lifestyle. One of them is sufficient to obtain such mineral calcium from an early age, not only to remember when old. The main error in the diet of modern man is the consumption of large amounts of animal protein (meat and dairy products) and inadequate plant foods (fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, nuts).

Long workday is harmful for women

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Workday WomenLong working hours and extra hours spent at work are borne more heavily than women and have more harmful effects on health of the fair sex, according to research by British scientists from Cambridge University (University of Cambridge). As a result of increased stress in the workplace, more women smoke cigarettes, drink more coffee and consume harmful food. Interesting findings of the study is that both men and women drink less alcohol when they have to work a lot. In women, however, increases the desire for more abundant and unhealthy eating. Experts say that women who work longer, eat less calorie and fat foods and less engaged in physical exercise, women smokers smoke more cigarettes, while the length of working day does not affect focused on sport for men, the number of cigarettes smoked or tried their coffee. A group of scientists led by Prof. Daryl O’Connor (Daryl O `Connor) have been studied in particular the impact of stress on the nutritional behavior. It turns out that the events causing the most stress – prepare for a manifestation, a meeting with the boss, behind schedule, compel women are more likely to eat between meals, as logically prefer foods that satisfy your appetite quickly.

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