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Not to dependent on the vagaries of weather

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

AutumnToday almost everyone in the change of time complained of headaches, reduction of working capacity, fatigue. Can we ease the lives of people with greater sensitivity to weather conditions? Of course, that modern life is filled with stress and this affects the lowering of immunity. In such conditions even the smallest change over time can negatively affect health. And if the years before the approaching cyclone is felt only by the elderly and sick people today feel uncomfortable and completely healthy. This concerns especially urban residents, which in comparison with those in the countryside are significantly more sensitive to the vagaries of the weather – at least it make the statistics show. The human body is a kind of barometer. With the changes in the external field (sudden changes in pressure or magnetic storms) and immediately began the internal changes in the body. Scientists explain that the changes affect all organs in the body. Adapts to changed conditions, it begins to readjusts and consequently change the tone of blood vessels that are trying to preserve the previous blood pressure level. According to the data during magnetic storms, the number of heart attack and stroke doubles. On days with low atmospheric pressure hipotonits blood pressure is lowered further, which causes bouts of fatigue, sleepiness and angriness. Hypertensive patients suffer from increased humidity and the approaching front with high atmospheric pressure. Suffering from vascular dystonia also painfully react to any changes in time.

Long workday is harmful for women

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Workday WomenLong working hours and extra hours spent at work are borne more heavily than women and have more harmful effects on health of the fair sex, according to research by British scientists from Cambridge University (University of Cambridge). As a result of increased stress in the workplace, more women smoke cigarettes, drink more coffee and consume harmful food. Interesting findings of the study is that both men and women drink less alcohol when they have to work a lot. In women, however, increases the desire for more abundant and unhealthy eating. Experts say that women who work longer, eat less calorie and fat foods and less engaged in physical exercise, women smokers smoke more cigarettes, while the length of working day does not affect focused on sport for men, the number of cigarettes smoked or tried their coffee. A group of scientists led by Prof. Daryl O’Connor (Daryl O `Connor) have been studied in particular the impact of stress on the nutritional behavior. It turns out that the events causing the most stress – prepare for a manifestation, a meeting with the boss, behind schedule, compel women are more likely to eat between meals, as logically prefer foods that satisfy your appetite quickly.

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