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Beauty tricks to lose weight with water

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Woman lose weightThe water is the basis of life. It may however be much more if we learn to use it properly. Thanks to water, even if we drastically reduce the quantities of food consumed, and hence to lower the body weight to regain their youth and freshness. For this purpose, we should observe a few basic steps through which the weakening using water is ensured:
- At different places in your home and the workplace need to put containers of water to drink, so not only will have on hand whenever get thirsty, but more importantly, it will drink even when they’re really hungry – just water will reminds us about yourself.
- When you feel that we are eating something better to drink a glass of water. So I save a lot off calories while blunt hunger.
- Immediately after waking up is just fine to drink two cups of water, and then every hour for another. Thus, without violence and pour, will experience necessary for the day of water that should not be less than two liters.
- To achieve weight loss through water, it is best to replace coffee and tea with hot water to which is added a drop of honey.
- If you drink through a straw, we can accept larger quantities of liquid, because breath is getting bigger.

Burn the fats with water

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Water burns fatsThe most important role of the liver is converting stored fat into energy. Unfortunately, this function is not limited. His liver is required to take part in the work of the kidneys if they are deprived of water. Thus liver assume additional tasks to the principal, and, of course, reduces its productivity. It is no longer able to process fat as fast as it would do if the kidneys are working normally. If you allow this to happen, show not only negligence to their liver, but by themselves create conditions for fat accumulation because the decreasing effectiveness of its work to turn them into energy. Although studies of differentiated fluids need for people who lead a sedentary or physically active lifestyle, are quite scarce, experts give a pretty clear rule. Summarized it as follows: a man leading a sedentary lifestyle are on average 12 cups of liquids a day and women – 9 to provide optimum operating conditions of the liver. These liquids, it is best to obtain from and decaffeinated soft drinks, soups and meals. As a rule, with their food procurement 4 cups of liquid a day, 1 comes from metabolism, and the remainder is obtained from fluid intake.

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