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Social Networks support the intelligence

Friday, September 11th, 2009

GamersMilitary video and computer games and social networks and crossword improve intellect. Writing SMS and micro-blogging and watching videos – on the contrary, they pose a threat, because weak memory. This is the conclusion of scientists from the University Starligng in Britain, quoted by the BBC. They have drawn up a special program Jungle Memory, which trains the memory and try it out on students from 11 to 14 years. 8 weeks after the experiment with participating in it has been found to noticeably increase the performance of IQ-tests. And have improved their results on different tests for literacy and ability to think quantitatively. Experts note that so-called. Working memory is by practicing good game-strategies, which require planning of actions. Equally useful are solving logical problems (eg Sudoku) and communication in social networks.

How to keep our eyes

Friday, July 24th, 2009

eyesThe pain, swelling around the eyes – these are obvious signs of eye strain. The most commonly exhaustion and excessive stress on the eyes is caused by incorrect – too bright or inadequate lighting. Experts advise to work with text in a room with soft top lighting, using an additional light source 75 or 100 watts. Problems may arise from light: incompact covered lamp casts glare on these walls and the paper on the table. Important is not to use cheap sunglasses: they protect the poor from harmful solar rays and can cause exhaustion. Also never forget periodically enable the eyes to rest: look anxiously at one point, just look at the sea thing. Avoid abrupt change of light: Do not watch TV in full darkness and do not use a flashlight to read the book. Work on your computer in low-lit room where the screen is no more than 3-4 times as bright from the main lighting. The monitor is good to be away from windows or other light sources and should be a slightly lower level at a distance 35-40 cm

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