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How to to increase weight

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Woman increase weightHow to to increase weight? For women, who picked up weight with ease, this question sounds illogical. But there are many women who are born with weak or has weakened sharply and frantic increase weight want to, but can not. For them are the following lines. I have to anorexia sufferers, who require specialized treatment, and all those girls and women who tread even with what they fall in large quantities, yet remain weak as skinny. Some of them like in its current form, but others desperately want to increase weight. I often ask the question “How do increase weight?” But can not meet alone. The truth is that there are two main ways to weight gain, good for the body – with proper diet and gain muscle mass.
How to increase weight? By embarking on muscle mass.
If you want to upload without kilograms to resemble “tallow ball, slicing from the stretch, turning the accumulated weight of muscle mass, not excess fat. Move over, swimming and cycling. Bet in the gym of power exercises for gaining muscle mass, not cardio it, which leads to fat burning.

Fish spa

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Fish SpaThe spa resorts are introducing newer and newer procedures to attract more than lovers of natural treatment. The newest fashion, originating in China, is called «fish spa» and quickly spread to many resorts with hot mineral water sources, such as attracting more and more customers who are looking for exactly this type of treatment. In particular, bathtubs made, creating the feeling of natural issue of water run many tropical fish called Garra Rufa, or Chinese Chinchin Yu, fish, or fish – Dr. Since they can swim in hot water at a temperature of at least 43 degrees, use of the natural treatment of skin diseases – psoriasis, eczema, acne and more. The fish eat the dead cells of the human body without affecting healthy. The entire process is absolutely painless, bathers can feel only a slight tweak in the skin nicely.

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