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How to threat the toothache

Friday, February 25th, 2011

ToothacheNo one, who knows how painful it may be toothache, can ignore this pain. The only correct approach to tackling this problem, visit dental office where the cause can be opened and its removal to be approached with the necessary competence. However, there are situations where this is impossible – when we are at the mountain, a village on weekends when not on duty dentist, and more and more. Sometimes even in the absence of objective reason we invent such interventions because of the dentist frighten us. What can we do in some of those moments when the visit to the dentist is impossible, and the pain – unbearable. If you are at home and while eating broken tooth remind yourself, making you feel frantic pain, stop to eat and clean food which is left between your teeth. For those who believe in the power of drugs, it is best to take medication to reduce pain. These are familiar to all of us aspirin Analgin, ibuprofen, etc. For people who are not supporters of pharmaceutical products, is the advice to rinse their teeth in soda dissolved in water, as a solution to add a few drops of iodine. Another cunning to blunt the pain is to place some ice cubes on the patient’s teeth and to persist until the pain subsides. The folk medicine also took care to have a few recipes flawlessly against toothache. Known by our ancestors cure toothache remedy is the root of plantain. In the ear, whose country is the problem tooth, place heel of plantain. For about half an hour the pain subsides. The grandparents we have done with toothache and by the use of propolis. Small piece of material is placed on the sore tooth, while it contains ingredients work and relieve pain. Porridge made from onions, garlic and salt, also successfully deal with the problem. A small portion of the mixture is placed on the pad that is attached at the bottom of the patient’s tooth. This neutralizes the pain.

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