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Tea for the heart to prevent stroke

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Tea for the heart There is great confidence in tea for the heart to prevent strokes. Three cups of green or black tea significantly reduces the risk of stroke. And the more you drink this drink, the more chances to prevent heart problems, say U.S. cardiologists at the University of California at San Diego.
The scientists have summarized data from nine studies involving almost 200,000 people and describing more than 4000 cases of stroke.
“With regular use three cups of green or black tea probability of stroke is reduced by 21%, calculated doctors are saying that” the results are very encouraging as the prevention of stroke is quite complicated, and the patient generally receives too latest medical advice.
“The use of tea is an easy and safe way to prevent heart disease, scientists say, and has the added  healing power s of the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate and amino teanin.

Is the slimming tea really healthy

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Green TeaRecently, a very fashionable to drink tea, which allegedly promote weight loss. These drinks are made mostly of herbal supplements, but it appears that with the positive effects they can cause and side effect – to affect the colon by accelerating the movement of its content. Some of them contain resinous substances which cause irritation of the lining of the intestine. Appear lower abdominal pain. It is very difficult market to find a slimming tea, which has no side effects. Their decrease is recommended to use this tea on an empty stomach before breakfast or evening after dinner, as his relief began to show after about 8-10 hours. Prolonged use of these teas are also not safe for health. In the body may affect the water exchange, leading to shortages of micronutrients and other essential substances. With the termination of the use of tea, intestines become sluggish again. The media often promoted for weight loss products, appetite suppressants, even until his disappearance. They also prepare plant-based. People suffering from cardiovascular disease should contact their doctor and not to engage in self with biologically active additives. Suppress appetite, alertness, increased ability to work – all this characterizes the initial stage of application of preparation. Then the excitement is changed by the delay appears sleepiness, increased fatigue and nervous exhaustion builds up.

Tea is healthy and tasty

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

TeaAll statistics show that tea is undoubtedly the most popular beverage in the world. Its history is centuries old. It is difficult to determine exactly when people started to drink the decoction of its leaves, but on his country no dispute – this is China. According to the legend of Shen Nong, who before about 4800, the Chinese learned to grow and use plant. To help people, he tested himself on various leaves, stems and roots. The first systematic treatise on tea, Cha Jing (Tea canon) appeared in China in the Tang Dynasty. Lu Yu Its author describes in detail the production of tea growing areas, the quality of tea and how to prepare the drink. Buddhist monks, missionaries carried the tea to Japan, and gradually he also reached Europe. In 1547 Cossacks present it to the king unusual gift – a jar of fragrant tea. In Europe, tea was brought by the Dutch. In 1684 he secretly planted in Indonesia. In India, comes much later – only in 1831 and five years later, England received the first shipment of Indian tea. Then he became very common in Ceylon, where from an unknown disease killed all the coffee plantations. Today tea is grown in Africa (Kenya) and South America.
Green tea

Cocoa helps most for high blood pressure

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

CocoaAll who are convinced that tea works best for their increased blood pressure, are in error – a piece of chocolate is far more effective, say German scientists. Any food rich in cocoa reduces blood as much as a cup of green or black tea could not show it in the publication of his study in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine. Its results show that cocoa reduces the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular problems by 10-20%. And cocoa and tea contain polyphenols – chemical class of substances known to favorably affect the cardiovascular system. However, polyphenols in cocoa are of a different type – pro-cyanids that are more efficient. Polyphenols contained in fruits and vegetables. So now the most popular recommendation for people with cardiovascular problems is to use larger quantities through them. However, Cocoa is rich in these substances is much more effective, say German scientists and warned: “Do not reach for each piece of chocolate – dark would be done only necessary.

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