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Tea is healthy and tasty

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

TeaAll statistics show that tea is undoubtedly the most popular beverage in the world. Its history is centuries old. It is difficult to determine exactly when people started to drink the decoction of its leaves, but on his country no dispute – this is China. According to the legend of Shen Nong, who before about 4800, the Chinese learned to grow and use plant. To help people, he tested himself on various leaves, stems and roots. The first systematic treatise on tea, Cha Jing (Tea canon) appeared in China in the Tang Dynasty. Lu Yu Its author describes in detail the production of tea growing areas, the quality of tea and how to prepare the drink. Buddhist monks, missionaries carried the tea to Japan, and gradually he also reached Europe. In 1547 Cossacks present it to the king unusual gift – a jar of fragrant tea. In Europe, tea was brought by the Dutch. In 1684 he secretly planted in Indonesia. In India, comes much later – only in 1831 and five years later, England received the first shipment of Indian tea. Then he became very common in Ceylon, where from an unknown disease killed all the coffee plantations. Today tea is grown in Africa (Kenya) and South America.
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