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Is passing blood in stools hemorrhoids or cancer

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

passing blood in stoolsA concerning question for many can be ‘is passing blood in stools hemorrhoids or cancer’. Usually hemorrhoids cause fresh bright red blood.  Much of the symptoms of colon cancer overlap with those of hemorrhoids, so diagnosis is difficult. The group of diseases which cause passing blood in stools can resemble each other, and such diseases should be included with other diseases affecting the bowel and rectum, ie polyps, abscesses, warts and other diseases. To determine precisely the cause of bleeding and pain it is necessary to seek the opinion of a doctor for quick diagnosis and treatment.   There is real link between cancer and hemorrhoids, but both conditions are often confused, causing unwarranted worry and fears. For this purpose, the procedures are not as bad as they seem. Discomfort is almost zero, when the procedure is done properly. When the procedures are performed it is usually found that  passing blood in stools is due to hemorrhoids and not other diseases. The treatment for hemorrhoids is simple and not expensive.

Winter usually acts depressing

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

WinterFor more than six percent of the population snow, snowman skating and not launch a winter wonderland, and the gloomy mood that can only get better with the arrival of spring. Seasonal emotional disorder (SEDs) is a form of clinical depression with atypical symptoms – increased feelings of fatigue, increased appetite, irritability, feelings of hopelessness, lethargy and lack of interest in doing everyday activities. Symptoms are exacerbated in December and continue until late spring, summer fade and come back again in winter. Seasonal depression is different from typical depression that depends on the calendar. Also – unlike the standard form – patients with SEDs tend to be sleeping and suicide, not troubled. This condition affects mostly young people and women of childbearing age, though it is not clear why. SEDs with women than men by a ratio 4:1 SEDs. The SEDs rarely occurs in women at menopause, which allows the specialists to believe that hormonal changes play a role in pathophysiology. Although physicians have an understanding of the characteristics of SEDs, yet little is known how and why these features occur. Biology is still unknown,” said Dr. Douglas Jacobs, a professor of clinical psychiatry at Harvard. He says the leading theory on the problem, whereby the reduction of sunlight in winter, probably affect the neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin.

Sore throat can launch a serious illness

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Sore ThroatEveryone was confronted with the pain in my throat. Many people, however, believe that the trouble will pass by itself and does not need any special treatment. But the pain in the neck may be the beginning of serious illnesses, which often provide complications and may become chronic.
Usually are responsible for tracheitis virus. So it occurred against a background of general respiratory illnesses (Orville) and of course most often as a result of influenza. The main symptoms of this disease are pain in the throat and dry cough, which increases at night. Cough due to breathing becomes shallow. Fearing not to provoke a new bout of harrowing cough, ill try not to breathe deeply. Occasionally tracheitis can cause fever, but it is not too high – 37,5-37,7 degrees. If the disease is not treated, it often passes into the chronic. Chronic tracheitis can be self disease. It often occurs in smokers and those living in adverse environmental situation. Chronic tracheitis may occur against the background of diseases of the kidneys, inflammation of the nose or lung diseases. For treatment of the disease are made inhalations, to take cough medicine can be applied to rinse the throat with herbal infusions.

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