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The sugar is not the only one problem for the teeth

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

SweetsUse your teeth permanently – while eating, talking and smiling. Therefore it is essential to keep them healthy. We present some fact about them that are little known, but this does can be useful in everyday life for everyone – to protect the health of your teeth and your entire mouth:
1. Yogurt is just as harmful as sweet
Sugar is not the only enemy of our teeth. Acidic, low pH acidic foods such as confectionery, soft drinks and fruit juices soften the teeth, a result is the appearance of erosions of the enamel and reducing the size of the teeth themselves. Studies show that citric acid is extremely harmful. The worst nightmare for children’s teeth are very acidic and sweet foods that adhere to them. They “melt” teeth like a piece of ice left at room temperature. Moreover, children’s teeth are not fully formed since enamel maximum yield strength only ten years after the growth of teeth. In childhood it is softer and therefore more easily susceptible to the harmful effects of acids. Adults also consume no small amount of acidic foods that pose a threat to the health of teeth. However, if you decide to eat something sour, do it best with the main meal – it will reduce the harmful effects. More is better then chew gum containing xylitol because it helps the prevention of caries.
2. Email is the most solid substance in the human body, but it is brittle

The sweet passion lies in the bone

Friday, August 14th, 2009

sweet passionIf you wonder why your child eat only two or three bites of dinner, but no problem to destroy three large balls of ice cream, accused his growing bones. New studies show that children who grow rapidly, eat more sweet stuff than those growing at slower pace. Survey given to 143 children aged between 11 and 15 years fresh water and a sour orange juice. Then classified the children into two groups – a favorite sweet and preferred less sweet. They found that children who have a high level of biomarker for growing bone in the urine is more likely to be in the group preferred sweet things. “Has long been known that the growing increase of children and the desire for sweet things -” Give me some candy, Grandma, “said Susan Koldlel, professor of dental health in the” Washington University, author of the new studios. They used many calories when they grow, and the body responds to this growing need with the sweet stuff. On the other hand, children who are given a very sweet things from the adults, of course, prefer them. So researchers wonder whether the preference can be attributed to biological or social factors such as whether the child is given a variety of foods to eat and that do not yet feel the pressure to avoid sustaining food to remain low.

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