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The fitness program of Paris Hilton

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Paris HiltonFitness is a key word in the everyday life of Paris Hilton. Actress, singer, television star, model, and wild party girl heiress. Despite the loaded program, Paris Hilton is in strict compliance with the fitness regime. There is one thing that unites all the celebrities, and it is the fact that all this work to look good before the camera. Being a star means to look perfect, or at least as best. Paris Hilton is a typical example. It is a phenomenal actress, not a great singer, not a top model or TV star in prime-time, but it is Paris Hilton. A home porn videos repeatedly increased its popularity and drew attention to the vision and her body. Paris Hilton is not subjected to deprivation, to maintain its shape. It is extremely unhealthy foods, mainly “Mc’Donald’s”. Well that’s the good genes and regular fitness regime. Besides heavy party nights with lots of dancing, Paris Hilton added daily motor activity in a fitness room and other physical activity outside. To have a body like hers, you should do a few exercises for major muscle groups. To raise his endurance as Paris Hilton, should emphasize the cardio training 3 times a week. These may include dancing, walking, bicycling, climbing, swimming and other aerobic activities, which accelerate the heart activity. Paris Hilton’s trust fitness trainer Teddy Bass, who is very popular in Hollywood. It is known how to motivate the stars increase their fitness activity. Paris Hilton is an elegant and slender physique and power exercises with heavy weights are not for her.

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