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In men life there are 3 risky periods

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

ManExperts argue that the lives of men are 3 main critical period – age 35 years 50 to 55 years and 65-70 years. These conventionally called peak years are associated with certain loads. – The load may be hormonal – Have you note that it is 35 (plus or minus 1 year) and at the age of 50 many men establish new families?
- The load may be social – should be made home to raise a child.
- The load may be psychological – approaching the half-century anniversary man and reviewed his life in balance. Often this condition is accompanied by stress and depression.
According to statistics, most men die as a result of cardiovascular disease – stroke, heart attack or illness caused by alcohol abuse. An additional factor is food high in fat, leading to blood clots and increase cholesterol – it is superimposed on the walls of the vessels and they lose their elasticity. Evidence suggests that about half of men after the age of 40 have difficulty with erections. Lately, more often than to consult a specialist and find the real cause of the problem, they resort to self medication and vote for who think will help them. This approach is totally wrong because the doctor would have sought the root cause of the problem and have tried to treat it, not its aftermath. Many men do not know that Viagra and other similar drugs it should only be prescribed by a doctor and that it is contraindicated in:
- Heart disease (coronary heart disease, heart rhythm disorders, hypertension, hypotension);
- Adoption of nitroglycerin and other preparations of this type for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases;
- Adoption of erythromycin and cimetidine – they enhance the action of the respective drug to overcome erectile dysfunction.

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