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Autumn weather requires specific skin care

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Woman SkincareIn the climate we live in seasonal changes go hand in hand with the change of wardrobe. But the arrival of lower temperatures and means necessary to change the care of skin. When the thermometer begins to fall, follow the advice you give below to make the transition to winter in a smooth and without damage to your skin. Especially when it comes to facial skin, no universal rules for all. The only thing that is certain is that the summer cosmetics is not suitable for the cold months. Always comply with your skin type when choosing cosmetics. If you are not sure exactly what you need or have any autumn flare problem, consult a specialist dermatologist. Some face creams will protect your skin and will clear all the dark circles with feeding of the skin.
- For oily and / or acne-prone skin winter of the facial skin is particularly important. Any specialist will confirm that the funds are using this summer to deal with this type of leather, are completely unsuitable for cold days. If you continue to use these cleaners, you risk your skin to become rough and irritable.

If you use any product against acne, dermatologists recommend that it not contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and sulfur. Dry and cold weather exacerbate drying effects of these ingredients. Avoid and retinoids, which are most often on prescription – they can lead to peeling of the skin.

If during the summer period have been using anti-acne lotion detergent, now go to the product – lotion or better yet, cream-based formula.

- For dry and withered skin lotion use in cleaning, which is not penny. Foam, which caused such agents will further dry your skin. If you want to be more cautious replace lotion cream cleanser.

Not a good idea and anything from cosmetics you use contain alcohol. Alcohol removes the natural moisture and oily skin and makes it more susceptible to the influence of dry and cold weather.

Exfoliants! Dry skin can be shaped in the top layer of skin as a whole and make your face look rough and gray. By eksoliatsiyata it will remove dead cells and will fuel the growth of new, but with this and will regain its luster. Good eksfolienti-natural products are oatmeal, rice flour and Humata.

What the scars of the skin can tell

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Skin careThe scars on the skin are different – some of them are harmless, while others – not so much. Moles, and spots of birth, which have a common name nevi, occur on the skin where there is accumulation of cells that produce melanin – dark pigment. Where will mole, what will be their color and size of certain genes. Moles are not as harmless as they seem at first glance, because in theory at least each of them can be “reborn” in melanoma. Pigmentation may be of different shapes and sizes. They occur more frequently in women as a result of radiation or sunburn. There are other reasons for their occurrence: pregnancy, application of creams, which are not suitable for your skin. Pigmentation is more common in people with olive skin and black hair. Freckles are also pigmented spots, but yellow-brown. The reason for their occurrence is melanin. The most commonly encountered in speckle white people with light hair. Most of them occur at 3-4 years of age, developed mostly in the skin of the face and are particularly noticeable in the sunshine. At about the age of 40 of them begin to disappear. They do not harm health and the removal is justified only cosmetic purposes. White spots (vitiligo) are contrasted with moles and occur on those areas of the skin with no melanin. Not yet discovered regularities in their appearance and location.

How to get the freshness of your skin?

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

SkincareSkin is the body is exposed to all external influences. It is therefore extremely important to take care of it constantly, consistently and mostly seasonal. A fall is an important strategic period. The summer has left its traces – wrinkles, inflammation and dehydration. Pretty soon winter will make it even more vulnerable. With all the modern aesthetic dermatology problems facial skin can be handled quickly and efficiently. Skin is ideal thanks to new technology ELOS-rejuvenation. ELOS surpasses all known techniques: photo-rejuvenation, laser therapy and others. With ELOS not have to waste time and resources for continued therapy. ELOS-rejuvenation technology has a wide range of opportunities for non-surgical lifting of the skin, and also to remove the signs of aging, pigmentation, superficial dilated capillaries.
How does ELOS acts?

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