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Why Japanese cuisine is considered as healthy?

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Japanese dishThe nutrition in the Land of the Rising Sun features an age-old traditions, many of which have remained unchanged for centuries. The Japanese believe that it can truly created miracles: healing and rejuvenation of the body. It is believed that the Japanese diet may increase stamina, strengthen the impoverished health and literally make a man forget about age. Although in recent years the Japanese are increasingly interested in European dishes, they remain supporters of traditional Japanese cuisine products: rice, vegetables, fish and seafood. Japanese cuisine continues to retain its unique character. It is characterized by the dominance of plant protein and fat intake are primarily of marine products – in a word, it is low calorie. What exactly are the basic rules of nutrition in Japan.
Rule № 1: small portions
Each of us can eat as much food and for a short time so that it is difficult to realize how much is actually held.
Japanese eat small meals and this is of benefit not only the body but also for aesthetic perception. So if you’re fans of good nutrition, but still you can not abstain in quantities change their dishes – small plates will be very difficult for displaying large amounts of food. Thus, during the first week will reduce the amount of portions of okolo1 / 5 in a second – with 1 / 4. So after 3-4 weeks without any effort would have reduced the usual portion twice before. Moderation in the diet really is the foundation of good health. “To eat less” – this is the formula for deliverance from all diseases, occurring as a result of saturation and poisoning.

The salmon fish

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Salmon FishSalmon for health, slimming salmon, salmon of muscle mass, the benefits of this unique fish family Salmonidae are undeniable. But as we look at its price in the store, often forget to buy it. Is it worth the money for salmon? Salmon is not as expensive as truffles, but definitely falls into the category of “delicacy”. Everybody can allow it, but that amount could buy several less expensive and less beneficial foodstuffs. So, if you budget for food is limited (permanently or temporarily due to the crisis) could replace salmon with trout, tuna, mackerel, sardines or herring. They are also “fat” fish such as salmon and are no less useful. But if you are not “expensive” in the grocery store and tries to eat healthily, “investment” in salmon at least 2 times a week (100 grams per family member). Here’s why:
Salmon – the most calorie and dietary fish
Salmon is the most dietary fish – low calorie and highly digestible. Is exceptionally rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6), proteins, minerals (potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc) and vitamins (group C, carnitine, choline).

4 healthy foods for your heart

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

healthy foodsA healthy heart is not only, as many believe, the result of heredity and lack of harmful habits. Of course, proper nutrition is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we offer a list of some foods that will help you keep it in good shape:
1. Oatmeal
They are a wonderful breakfast, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid and potassium. This, together with large amounts of fiber in them makes them indispensable tool in reducing cholesterol and maintaining the tone of blood vessels. As larger are the grains of oats, the more fiber in them. Add oatmeal banana. It is also rich in cellulose.
2. Salmon

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