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Can pregnancy cause depression?

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

can pregnancy cause depressionThe question of ‘can pregnancy cause depression’ is a good one and we discuss some of the reasons in this article. The popular claim that pregnant women are happier is often wrong. In many women, pregnancy is associated with many negative emotions that affect their  mental and emotional state, so you can say that depression is as common in expectant mothers, as in all other women.
Can pregnancy cause depression can be answered below
- If the woman is generally prone to developing depression, this will continue during her pregnancy
- A young pregnant woman has a greater is the risk of  the occurrence of depression
- Women who do not have someone to share the thrills about what is happening can find this saddening and lead to depression
- Lack of support and support from the father of the baby or the family or encouragement  in the direction of her decision to become a parent
- Bad relationship with the  father
- Doubts about how her life will change after the baby is born, eg career and financial position
The main signs that a pregnant woman is depressed, is a lack of interaction with others, loss of desire to do normal everyday chores, lack of sleep and general sadness.

Concerns About Your Pregnant Belly

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Pregnant WOmanPregnancy is such a mysterious yet wonderful, body-altering and life-changing event, that it’s normal for most women to question whether their bellies are developing as they should. This article addresses the most frequently raised concerns about the baby bump. If you’re spending plenty of time staring at your pregnant belly in the mirror and worrying about how it looks, then read on:
“I think my belly is too small.”
Most mothers-to-be strive to have a healthy lifestyle – they follow a diet that is nutrient-rich especially for their baby, avoid smoking, alcohol and other toxic substances, and make sure to get their fair share of exercise everyday. They take their prenatal vitamins, too. On top of it all, they have regular visits to their doctor. If you are one of these expectant moms, it can be bothersome to see that your belly doesn’t seem to be growing as it should.
The classic sign of this is when people comment that your belly is too small for your pregnancy age. This may turn out to be a discouragement, but find some relief in the fact women come in all shapes and sizes, so do bellies and babies. Another factor that contributes to the size of your belly are your abdominal muscles. The tighter they are, the less obvious the bump will be, even when you have a perfectly sized baby within you.

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