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Overweight is not only ugly, but dangerous for the health

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Thin WomanAlong with concern that signs of obesity are seen in increasingly large part of the planet, scientists reported the trend that people increasingly perceive overweight as an aesthetic flaw, but not as a precondition for a serious health problem. The visceral fat as that accumulate in the body in the process of obesity, surround deployed in the abdomen vital organs. They do not see and feel, but their circumstances are such that most often lead to the emergence of heart disease or diabetes of the second type, and as we know, these are two diseases which take the largest number of victims annually. The enlargement of the hips can also be seen as a sign h accumulation of visceral or “hidden” fats in the body, which in turn are the cause of premature death in a much greater extent than overall obesity. The reassuring statement that along with weight reduction and its application in normal visceral fat levels are broken. The same is not true for the fat skin or subcutaneous fat, but they are not as risk factor, as visceral. An important condition to avoid diseases caused by excessive weight is to understand that overweight is not only spoil the look, but more largely affect health condition. Therefore, the promise of New Year’s diet is best to be linked to health benefits than a change in appearance.

The Daylight helps versus overweight

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Sun SeaThis shows results of a new British study, that daylight plays an important role in activation of brown adipose tissue that is able to quickly and effectively converts fat into energy, announced publication Science Daily. The activity of this tissue is dramatically reduced in people suffering from obesity. Researchers from the University of Nottingham have studied the activity of brown adipose tissue in more than 3500 people. It turns out that it is generally higher in women, and depends greatly on the seasonal changes in temperature and length of daylight of the day. In particular, the daylight, not temperature, plays an important role in regulating this activity. According to Michael Simands – head of research results can help the development of novel methods for the treatment of obesity with daylight.

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