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16 vitamins for the Mother and the Baby

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Beautiful Pregnant WomanAll have heard the phrase that the prospective mother should eat for two, to walk every day in to take special vitamins for pregnant women.
Ideally future parent to take vitamins before conception, ie during the planning of pregnancy. This allows her to prepare for the most demanding months and full breastfeeding. According to doctors, the adoption of vitamins – best done by a variety of foods, allows to avoid fatigue, anemia, the risk of miscarriage and premature birth, spasms of the vessels, bleeding and other unpleasant conditions. Alphabet of the future health of mother and her child, counts 16 different substances and vital micronutrients: vitamins C, D, E, C, K, magnesium, zinc, iodine, iron, copper and others. If they begin to act in the body of the woman before conception, reducing the risk of birth defects and the likelihood of vatreutrobno and orderly slowdown of the future child, and furthermore it is unlikely to suffer from insufficient weight at birth and T . etc.

Is there an ideal age for motherhood

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

MotherThere is no question that it is better to be born children of young age, when the mother’s body has a maximum sustainable power and immunity. As regards the ideal age of a medical standpoint the optimal reproductive age women 20-35 years. And it has its explanation. At a young age the body’s future mother was not fully formed, so he is not ready to bear the global hormonal and physiological changes associated with pregnancy. Moreover, according to psychologists, the woman at the time of pregnancy must be formed and as a person to recognize and experience the feeling of motherhood and to forward your child’s life experience. That’s why comprehensive perspective of the ideal age for conception ranged between 22 and 30 years.

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