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Do not fear from the senility

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

KidsYoung people who think that old age is a serious time and discontent, the elderly really more often suffer from other serious illnesses. In these cases of stroke or heart attack are more frequent, showing results of a study conducted over 30 years at the Center for Public Health at University Yale in the United States. According to medics quoted by Reuters, attitudes toward aging may significantly determine the future health of the man when he reaches old age. “Negative thoughts in old age, which are so inherent to the very young can affect in a negative way on their future health. Even after accounting for other factors affecting the deterioration of health, remains a clear link between perceptions of the aging process and especially the development of cardiovascular disease in the elderly, doctors say. In people who believe that adults are always in poor health, the risk of heart attack or stroke was significantly higher. More common are hypertension and other chronic cardiovascular diseases, statistics show made 30 years after the beginning of the study. U.S. cardiologists’ claim that negative thoughts have an additional pressure on the work of the body.

The grief protects your mentality

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Woman GriefThe Grief is part of life and as we try to ignore its presence, the more difficult to deal with it. Human beings cope with the loss of a close through three distinct but mutually penetrating phases. The first is shock (refusing to accept what happened, the second – anger or depression, the third – an understanding or acceptance. Whatever the loss – unrealized by telephone conversation to the death of a loved one, your body goes through three phases, but with different durations. How You can move more easily through the process of grief:
- Accept the loss and understand the feelings that rush you. Ignoring emotions can lead to emotional and mental problems later
- Be creative in expressing their emotions. Write a story, even a book, paint, sing, make a photo album.
- Try not to destroy his body, while treating the soul – do exercise, sleep enough
- Avoid the use of sedatives and alcohol to deal with grief
- Allow yourself to express grief – crying, laugh, cry, break plates.

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