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5 tips for better sleep

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Woman SleepingIf for any reason suffer from permanent insufficient sleep this undoubtedly decreased vitality and decreased performance. To become energetic again and enjoy sleep, read the following eight tips that will undoubtedly increase the amount of energy in your body:
1. Mattress
Most people do not even suspect that uncomfortable bed / mattress can undermine the good sleep. Studies show that in theory people recognize the importance of mattresses to sleep and health, but those who really pay attention to their quality, are very low. Namely, it may be the reason for your poor sleep.
2. Sheets
Quality bed linen also helps good sleep, not only creates a need for sleep, but retains the comfort for the whole night. Of course, it is more expensive but do not forget that one third of our lives we spend is in bed.
Quality natural fibers absorb moisture sheets, which is excreted from the body, while synthetic serve just turning.
3. Pillow
When you’re tired, there’s nothing better than a comfortable cushion. For sleep you need one that will keep the level of the neck spine. More correctly position the neck, the less are trapped nerves and vessels and therefore reduces the risk of neck pain.

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