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How many times we should eat daily?

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Family EatingEveryone knows the words: “eat breakfast alone, the lunch share with a friend, a the dinner give the enemy” that determine how often to eat. Avicenna was one of the first to give recommendations on the frequency of food intake. In his “Canon of medical science, it is recommended to be feeding 3 times a day, but the adoption of food as it distributes – breakfast, dinner and lunch the next day. It turns out that a day should eat no more than 2 times. Perhaps some will seem odd, but even then, the Arab scholar has defined exactly how the meal from which the body needs and who feels optimal. System for feeding 2 times a day is based on physiological features of the body – no need for your next meal, while the stomach was not “liberated” from the previous one. Food must pass through the duodenum, and only then it is good to reflect again on the table, but even better is to give the stomach a break. Usually the food is kept in its 6-8 hours. This means that between the first and the next meal should be an interval of 8-10 hours.

For nice looking – lunch with. .. men

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Man Woman RestaurantWhen you dine with a man, woman often select foods with less calories than if you eat with friends or alone. This is the conclusion to which we are researchers from the University McMaster in Ontario, Canada. Meredith Young, head of the department of psychology, neurology and behavior cited by the BBC, noted that the choice of food and obviously affects the company. During their observations of the Canadian scientists found that women who dine in the company of one or more men selected food containing fewer calories than those fed in female company. Moreover – the larger the number of men in the company, less calories were enough for the woman to feed. “We often forget that food is a social activity. People choose the company that will be fed and their mentality is prepared by the earlier of what you choose for lunch,” says Yang.

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