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What is the required dose of sport for good health

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

JoggingSport is not just exercise. Only if you practice and use properly, it will bring search results – good physical condition, freshness and high spirits. According to the latest views of experts in the field of sports medicine must be followed a few basic principles of sport have a positive impact on health:
• sport every week for several hours! Every healthy adult should sport at least 2 and a half hours per week, performing physical activity with moderate intensity such as brisk walking. If you like more intensive sports such as running or swimming, then spent time in the pool or at the site must be at least an hour and 15 minutes per week. Physical activity can be distributed so that the duration of the training must be more than 10 minutes.
• Be more ambitious! To extract maximum benefits for your health, sport even more. 5:00 moderate-intensity exercise or two hours and a half high-intensity sports are optimum amount for your health, experts said.
• Tighten the muscles! Resistance training with moderate or high intensity as well as strengthen your muscles and your health. They may be two or more per week and must include all major muscle groups – chest, back, shoulders, upper and lower limbs. Power exercises can be performed with free weights, machines or special own body (push-ups, gatherings, shrub, etc.)..
• Do not use age as an excuse! There is no old age for the sport. Older people should also try to maintain sports form if possible. Those with increased risk of fractures and injuries must perform exercises that improve their balance.

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