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The teeth depend from the gene

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

TeethToday the prevailing opinion among people that the health of teeth depends exclusively on heredity. In part this is indeed so, as the information to the construction of solid tissues and in particular the teeth actually is inherited. However, if you are born healthy and white teeth, but quit to care for them, hereditary factors, you will not save. On the health of teeth and other circumstances affect: and pass the accompanying diseases, nutrition, quality of milk teeth in childhood hygiene characteristics of the mouth, etc. In the process of development of healthy teeth play an important role quantity of fluoride contained in drinking water. This should be especially aware of pregnant women, because the formation of milk and permanent teeth of children begins in 6 months of pregnancy. If the quantity of fluorine is not enough, there is the possibility to form incomplete enamel, ie subsequently the child suffers from multiple caries. Excess amount of fluorine is also very dangerous. As a rule in 1 liter of water must contain 1 mg of fluoride. With a shortage or a large amount of fluorine can fight differently. If fluoride is less able to use fluoridated salt, toothpaste, fluoride, as well as teeth 2 times a year may be covered with so-called. fluoride varnish, and the procedure must be performed by a dentist.

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