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Stress is causing about 90% from the diseases

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Woman StressToday more than ever medicine tries to examine and treat accordingly human body as a whole. Increasingly, professionals looking for the root cause of one or other condition beyond the standard symptoms. Even as cellulite more often perceived as a private issue and is associated with poor balance of substances in the body and unhealthy lifestyles. The reasons leading to the formation of cellulite and are many and complex, but stress is a major, experts are confident. He is actually responsible for around 90 percent of the diseases considered modern medicine because immunity weakens and distorts the work of all systems in the body. Stress destroy many of the vitamins necessary for proper functioning of the cells to breach the metabolism and often leads to the emergence of obesity. All this has a negative impact on the psyche of man and his overall physical condition. Brings anxiety, depression, neurosis, emotional instability, decline or upswing in mood, agitation, aggression, anger, impaired memory, insomnia, chronic fatigue, etc. Causes of stress are numerous and varied. Most often stressful experiences are subjected to the inhabitants of large cities. Stress can be caused by all the major events in life: teaching, work, problems with your partner, or lack of such a breakup with him. Women more often than men are compared with other women and are often upset, thinking of insufficient attractive. This also leads to stress – a constant, chronic.

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