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List of healthy drinks that are inexpensive

Monday, September 12th, 2011

list of healthy drinksAnyone interested in their health will want to know a list of healthy drinks that are not expensive and easily prepared. Nothing can  replace the need of  body of fluids, especially water. It is most useful source of moisture, but there are quite a few other drinks that can give the body healthy nutrients.


List of healthy drinks

• Benefit: reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Dietary fiber and protein contained in soy milk, reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides. If if  completely replace cow’s milk with soy, your body will suffer from a lack of calcium and vitamins A and D. Soy contains phytoestrogens, which are probably associated with increased risk of breast cancer. If you have a family history of breast cancer it is a good idea to discuss with your doctor the use of soy milk.
• Calories: 250 ml in milk = 81 calories
Hot chocolate or cocoa
• Benefit: improves mood and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Cocoa contains many useful polyphenols that protect cells from free radicals. Use of hot chocolate increases the production of the hormone serotonin which are great for lifting our mood levels.
• Calories: 250 ml in the finished product – about 195 to 250 g of a mixture of powder – 115.
Tomato juice without salt
• Benefits: According to some studies this juice can prevent many forms of cancer. Products obtained after processing of fresh tomatoes contain lycopene in high concentrations. It is associated with reduced risk of cancer of the mouth, lungs, stomach, liver, breast, cervix, stomach, rectum. The lycopene protects the heart from effects of free radicals, reducing the likelihood of cardiovascular disease.
• Calories: in 250 ml – 43.
Green tea
• Benefit: it is considered to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, cancer, cardiovascular disease. The green tea contains many flavonoids, polyphenols and antioxidants that protect cells from harmful effects and neutralize free radicals. Tea also contains fluoride, which strengthens bones and teeth which is an added benefit and must be included in the list of healthy drinks
• Calories: 0
Peppermint Tea

• Benefits: helps with stomach disorders, eases colic, helps digestion, generally helping food to move easily through the gastrointestinal tract.
• Calories: 0

Milk (1% fat)
• Benefit: the milk contains carbohydrates, protein and less fat. So the product is absorbed slowly and you feel fuller longer. Due to the complex carbohydrates, blood sugar levels remain stable. The calcium contained in milk is absorbed easily due to the presence of vitamin D. Calcium helps the cells to burn fat – thus contributing to normal weight loss.
• Calories: 1 cup (250 ml) – 120.

Cranberry juice
• Benefit: prevents gum disease, help fights infections, including urinary tract infections. It is best to choose 100% juice with no sugar.  If sugar free juice is not available, limit consumption to one cup per day. This drink is extremely good for the body and a must to be included in the list of healthy drinks
• Calories: 7 in 250 ml – 140.

Orange juice
• Benefit: contains vitamin C which  protects against many diseases. This juice is an excellent source of folic acid, which is  great for pregnant women, helping to prevent defects in fetal development.  Also widely used for the prevention of colds.
• Calories: in 250 ml – 115.

So when you next go shopping take a look at your list of healthy drinks and start on the road to better help through liquids as well as the food you eat

Diets have an important role in the prevention of apoplexy

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Woman healthThe diet is one component of the prevention of stroke and has much greater importance than is customary to consider. The real health diet is consisted of Healthy Foods to Lose Weight Fast and Permanently, which will strengthen your immune system and will decrease the blood pressure. Really the healthy foods are not only helping your health and losing weight, but increase your life and clears your mind.
One of the frequently asked questions is Are Healthy Foods and Organic Foods the Same?
Usually this answer is quite complicated, because the organic foods are natural food, but most of them are carrying sometimes the substances, which are not so healthy for you. The diets are decreasing the number of such substances, which helps to the blood pressure and increase the quality of your life. Together with this the statins (a type of medication) for example have a strong effect on levels of fasting lipids. They can reduce their level of 50-60% of fasting and diet low in fat – only 5-10%. The results of various studies show that etc. Mediterranean diet, which includes a large amount of beneficial polyunsaturated fats, cereals, fruits and vegetables, ie are foods low in cholesterol and animal fat reduces the risk of heart attack by 60% over 4 years compared with the diet recommended by the American Heart Association. This effect was almost 2 times greater than the effect of statins observed in a study conducted by Nordic specialists in which the relative risk of myocardial infarction in proper nutrition, a period of 6 was decreased by about 40%. The main problem usually lies in the fact that many patients had unrecognized deficiency of vitamin B12, which requires the appointment of larger doses of it. Proved unsuccessful and attempts to achieve a positive effect through the appointment of dietary supplements containing large doses of vitamins E and C and beta-carotene.

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