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5 steps to healthy eating

Monday, April 26th, 2010

healthy eatingAccording to modern medical understanding of health has 3 main components: rational nutrition, physical activity and rational refusal of smoking. If one adheres to these principles, the data from the statistics show that they decreased by 2-3 times the risk of cardiovascular and cancer, which today are a major cause of premature death. Of course, in terms of overweight, there may be genetically determined disorder of fat metabolism, but it occurs earlier and is immediately noticeable. In most people, obesity is a consequence of Eating Disorders. All extreme diets that help overthrow the weight is not balanced and can be implemented quickly. However, this rule means a momentary effect. Most main meals at a reasonable approach. Health is primarily a sense of measure. Here are 10 steps that are proposed by scientists of our healthy eating. They had nothing sensational – they simply state the principles to which they must adhere to normalize weight and maintain their health longer possible.
Step 1: Healthy balanced diet should be based on a variety of products, mainly from vegetable rather than animal origin. There is no product that can provide our bodies all the necessary substances. The only exception is breast milk, which replaces the child until at least 6 months all other products. Therefore, nutrition must be as diverse. Observance of special diets is recommended only on a recommendation from a specialist.
Step 2: Bread, pasta dishes and potatoes should be eaten several times per day. Half the daily amount used, food must be covered by these products. Scientists do not agree that they are only a source of energy and carbohydrates. They also contain many other substances necessary for health: dietary fiber, mineral compounds, vitamins of group B and C. It is wrong and the opinion that these products contribute to the accumulation of fat. Indeed, the energy content of starch is much less than the same amount of fat or alcohol. Experts recommend to be used more bread, preferably whole-grain or black.

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