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How colors affect health

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

ColorsDid you wondered why a person buys clothes in bright colors, and another – in the dark? Why do you uncomfortable you are in a room with red wallpaper and feel much better in a room with blue walls?
In fact, these preferences are not random. Science has proven that the surrounding colors affect our mood and health. More than half a century, Swiss psychologist Lucsher has developed a diagnostic method of color that made it famous. Through it you can determine the mental state of people at any given time. The test is very simple – to be arranged on a “like me – I do not like ‘eight square a different color from most pleasant to most unpleasant. The four main colors in the palette, specify the nature of man: navy blue, cyan, orange-red and pale yellow, and four additional colors (black, gray, brown and violet) provides information on the situation at the time of the survey. Treatment with colors (chromotherapy) is now quite popular. The impact of color on the body and nervous system has several proven facts – for example, that the red part of the spectrum exciting and warm, and blue – calm and cool. According to psychologists, if a man is tired of the same color, he subconsciously seek contact with the opposite. And this leads to a change in his condition. So the red color always affects the physical condition yellow – the mental, and blue – the emotional. Violet increasing intellectual activity, but it can be quite dangerous – to overuse it leads to depressive state. Therefore not recommended and painting large surfaces at home with him, especially in the nursery – a child’s psyche is too fragile.

Which diseases can recognize in the eyes

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Eyes healthThe eyes are one of the most complex and mysterious of human body organs. In literature they are often called “mirror of the soul, but they can also be a mirror of the diseases that develop completely unnoticed in our body – at least according to alternative medicine. For example:
Strong puffy upper eyelids can not speak for the formation of gallstones.
Rheumy eyeballs with red vessels in the cornea are evidence of developing glaucoma.
If in eyes regularly appears sluzest white coating must be inspected for cataracts.
Small dark spots under eyes are a sign of the likelihood of the formation of kidney stones.
Sty or speak for any infection or misuse of greasy food, which impairs the performance of liver and bile.
If the skin under your eyes is violet or brown hue, this is a signal to check the kidneys, the level of blood glucose, thyroid and cardiovascular system.
Frequent blinking is a sign of uncertainty not only in themselves, but for any disease of the nervous system and liver.

Take measures against the viruses without medicines

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Health pillsCONSOLIDATION OF IMMUNITY is undoubtedly one of the most discussed topics today. Many are worried about how to prepare for the season of flu and colds. The most common advice is to take USEFUL. Almost always there are people who tell stories of pathos with some “remarkable tool, which have benefited and who has helped the family, neighbors, relatives … A doctor once asked: Why do you take? Immunostimulant already an integral part of many lives in the autumn. The child fell into despondency, did not want to, go to school, we gave him drops, it goes through the whole course and everything is fine. Must send a draft, but we often catch cold. On the advice of colleagues, drink some magic medicine that helps a lot. “At the same time, experts constantly warn that the immune system is too complex to” tightening “of such funds. To achieve a healthy balance must be equalized two forces: anti-inflammatory (induce inflammation entrants kills harmful germs and viruses) and inflammatory (control processes as the action). Violations of this balance leads to serious consequences, including may entail infectional toxic shock.

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