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6 formulas of the moving

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Formulas MovingIf you think that only full of people in need of more moves, completely wrong. Something more – of our activity depends not only our picture of neatness, but our mood, flexibility, etc.
1. Stand = wasting calories
If we stay, we load your muscles much more than sit. Sitting for 10 minutes a man weighing 60 kilograms, up 14.4 kcal, and for the same time standing – 15.6 kcal. If those 10 minutes he spent in a horizontal position, will burn only 10.2 kcal. If he sits permanently, and so arises – failure of motor activity. It suffers from muscular system that practically vestigial and even the most basic movements such as READING the stairs when the elevator is not working, he will sweat. Therefore, if you constantly work seated and can not be separated from your desk, try to spend some time at least upright.
2. Jump = strengthen bones
Suffer from muscle and bone idle. To be based on the skeleton he should be healthy. For example, when running load on bone tissue is approximately equal to 6 body mass and therefore the bones are then “forced” to strengthen. If you’re not moving on his body think skeleton does not need strength. Bone becomes light – it loses calcium. Even if you are trying to eat a fully balanced and to take additional mineral complexes, they just barely be used. And osteoporosis is no longer far.

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