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Treating Toe Nail Fungus Effectively with Lasers

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Woman FeetIs laser an effective treatment for toe nail fungus? Recent clinical studies and results from doctors performing the procedure have proven that, yes, laser treatment is an effective pain free method of treating the organisms that cause toe nail fungus. Toe nail fungus is a common condition that occurs when a fungus caused by a small organism invades the area below the nail. Once the nail bed is infected, the fungus easily grows in this dark, damp area and is essentially protected by the nail that covers it. The nails of the infected toe take on a yellow discoloration, become thick, and can soften sometimes causing loss of the entire nail.
Laser treatment for toe nail fungus, also called onychomycosis, is a viable treatment option. Doctors are able to use two different wavelength beams of near-infrared light to penetrate the toenail and kill organisms causing the fungi infection. The laser is moved over the toe nail in a grid-like pattern to ensure every millimeter of the nail plate is treated. Laser treatment has pinpoint accuracy and only destroys the cells responsible for the infection having no effect on healthy tissue. Patients undergoing laser treatment report no side-effects and are able to walk out of the office procedure with little to no pain. The procedure itself only takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes per infected toe. Improvement to the aesthetics of the toe can be seen in as little as three months. A few people report seeing improvements in a matter of weeks, with complete results in six to nine months. Clinical studies have shown an eighty-seven percent effective rate, which is significantly higher than more traditional treatment options. In the past, topical lacquers and creams could not adequately penetrate the nail, and only produced positive results in eight percent of the patients who used them. Prescription oral medication, such as Lamisil, is about seventy percent effective, but has adverse side-effects on the liver and can cause skin rashes.

How to keep your motivation to follow diet

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Diet girlIt is clear: the motivation is something good and necessary. But sometimes seemed erratic – goes exactly where it’s not we want – in the middle of so good a weight loss program. And we are doing as well. Then, one day just the right direction and losing all interest in moving forward in the direction. I just noticed that our pants started to become wider and everything collapsed. And so we want to continue with the diet. But day after day, our best intentions slip and can not figure out how to motivate again. It is interesting how when motivation is high, a person feels full of energy, focused, driven to act decisively. Nothing can stand in our path and always moving in the right direction and doing things completely. But once you lose motivation, inertia prevails. We continue to say that we want to change, but we can not even go out the door. A packet of chips seems more easily achievable and desirable in planning, measuring and cooking. And yet – how to reclaim and motivation to stick to pre-selected program:
First, it is important to realize: the motivation is not constant. Do not “get” or riding freely, but must continually strive to maintain it. For this reason it is strictly an individual, ie everyone should find their own. Instead of depending on external crises which we operate, we can find a way to get up – cause reactions, to be energizing to the end, to achieving our goals. Indeed, motivation is an opportunity, not a burden or something annoying. Only with this attitude we can find the forces we need to support it.
Here are some ideas that can help us:

When the temperature should be decreased

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Boy TemperatureThe Fever is one of the manifestations of acute infections. Its emergence is stimulated by a substance called endogenous pyrogens. But it simultaneously contributes to the production of interferon, which in turn protects the body from infection. So increasingly in modern medicine is launched the idea that temperature is not always and under all conditions must be downloaded. Most experts now believe that until it reaches a certain level, it generally must be a fight. Of course, you need to meet certain conditions and the first of these is the “bed” mode.
When the temperature is too high
This primarily depends on the age and general health.
- For example, if the child is aged 3 years is considered a high temperature above 38 degrees C. If it is, for example 37.5 degrees, the child wrapped in a wet sheet (water should be at room temperature with 2-3 spoons of vinegar added ). In this case it is not necessary to give medication. But if it does not help, the child must take the syrup – most often containing paracetamol. Not exhibit amateur and seek medical advice.

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