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Foods, which burn the fats

Friday, December 4th, 2009

SaladSome products not only add additional weight, but due to some specific properties burn excess fat. Yet more research suggests that the presence of more quantities of these foods is one of the most effective and lasting ways to reduce and control weight. The advantages of the natural food are used by HerbaLife, a company which manufactures and distributes nutritional supplements based on basic natural products. HerbaLife gives thousands of opportunities for healthy eating and even provides great business opportunities. You can make career in the company and doesn’t matter what is your age. With HerbaLife you will always be perfect. The important is that the company is using natural products and ingredients consisted also in the fruits we will present.
Grapefruit Some studies of the health journal show that regular consumption of half a grapefruit or 150 grams of fruit juice during each meal can reduce our weight for 2 weeks to 2 kg. Grapefruit lowers insulin levels, reducing the desire to eat. Naturally, the less we eat, the less calories accumulate more and spend accumulated thus reduces weight. If you do not like grapefruit, you can mix it squeezed juice with orange juice or lemon, which will further strengthen your immunity.
Green Tea For this plant not only implies that prevents the formation of cancer cells and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases (Science is still looking for evidence), but also favorably affect the metabolism in the body. It is believed that by drinking 5 cups of green tea can be burned 70-80 calories.

16 vitamins for the Mother and the Baby

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Beautiful Pregnant WomanAll have heard the phrase that the prospective mother should eat for two, to walk every day in to take special vitamins for pregnant women.
Ideally future parent to take vitamins before conception, ie during the planning of pregnancy. This allows her to prepare for the most demanding months and full breastfeeding. According to doctors, the adoption of vitamins – best done by a variety of foods, allows to avoid fatigue, anemia, the risk of miscarriage and premature birth, spasms of the vessels, bleeding and other unpleasant conditions. Alphabet of the future health of mother and her child, counts 16 different substances and vital micronutrients: vitamins C, D, E, C, K, magnesium, zinc, iodine, iron, copper and others. If they begin to act in the body of the woman before conception, reducing the risk of birth defects and the likelihood of vatreutrobno and orderly slowdown of the future child, and furthermore it is unlikely to suffer from insufficient weight at birth and T . etc.

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