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How to rebuild our forces

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Woman SleepingThe nature of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) has not yet been sufficiently established. Experts struggle to explain why so many people suffer from it and how you can overcome the problem. Immunologists believe that chronic fatigue provoked by viruses. Special tests showed that the blood of many patients complaining of chronic fatigue, a high concentration of antibodies that the immune system against viruses produced by the herpes group. Virtually all latent herpes viruses are present in the body and prevent its normal operation. But in a dramatic reduction of immunity (eg after a cold or flu) viruses herpes sharp “alive”, began to actively proliferate and attack the body’s various systems. According to statistics, 60 percent of people aged 20 to 50 years experience decreased spring life activity. For people suffering from Chronic fatigue is characterized by the following symptoms:
• undue fatigue for at least 6 months;
• constant temperature – 37 to 37.3 degrees;
• frequent headaches (especially evening);
• increase and tenderness of the cervical limfovazli no visible inflammation;
• migratory arthralgia (joint pain ones);
• impaired memory, inattention, reduced working capacity;
• emotional changes;
• sleep disturbances;
• reduced sexual desire.

How to nurture brain

Monday, May 24th, 2010

BrainWhen you suddenly feel incredibly confusion in your head and thinking is slow, it’s definitely a mental fatigue.
Mental disability is for each individual, but the cause of mental fatigue is always one – a high volume mental work that is inconsistent with the quantity needed rest. Of mental disability can affect and endocrine disorders, depression and various chronic diseases. Caffeine is the most common stimulant in the fight for the activation of the brain, but unfortunately heavy dose of coffee will actually cause increased only Twitter, shaking hands and inability to concentrate. In a healthy person’s ability to process information depends on the inherent characteristics of the central nervous system and the amount flowing to the brain nutrients. Therefore, the simplest way to combat mental fatigue is to provide the brain with its food is adequate enough. Should not be quick with homeopathy, aromatherapy and needle-threating but also the large amount biologically active additives. It is necessary first to make a standard test for therapist: medical examination, analysis of blood and urine, electrocardiography (ECG). If anything is wrong with the body, the cause of fatigue in ourselves.
Leo Tolstoy in his “Confession” was boasting that he could work longer on a desk, then go to the field and long hair – and not experiencing any physical or mental fatigue. He has organized its proper rest by alternating mental and physical exercise. After each hour of intense mental work necessary to make a 10 minute break. Of course, we can not always afford it. But in every free minute, we prefer to sit in front of TV or monitor, rather than do a few exercises.

7 reasons for the chronic fatigue

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

chronic fatigueAt least say scientists from the hospital of St. George University of London. In their study they analyzed blood samples of patients suffering from this syndrome. It turns out that there are 7 genetic variants of chronic fatigue, each of which is manifested by certain symptoms.
• For the first type is characterized by increased levels of anxiety, depression, insomnia,
• the second – fatigue after physical exertion and pain in joints and muscles.
• The third type can be defined as the most beneficial – it is manifested in the form of increased fatigue only with the advent of the evening.
• The fourth is manifested by moderate muscle pain after loading and slight insomnia
• fifth – with muscle weakness and disorder in digestion.
• For the sixth characteristic is the constant feeling of general fatigue and

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