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The secrets of beauty face

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Beauty faceA sustained period of numerous procedures for recovery after laser smoothing of the person may deny some women wishing to quickly rejuvenate. After some time, actually there is change – skin not only restored but also significantly transform its structure. The studies of treated skin as 2 months after the procedure showed that its matrix becomes more dense, and the quantity of collagen fibers increased significantly. Thus the new epedermis lies on a sounder basis, and the skin is stretched and becomes smoother. Upgrading the intercellular substance of the dermis after different types of peels primarily explained by the general stress that skin tested during the procedures. A role in stimulating the process of regeneration has photo-biological action of the laser. After the removal of aging skin cells to “mobilize” and 1-2 days after the procedure in the field of border heat damage is found high concentration of growth factors and other biologically active molecules. All this leads to significant activation of skin cells involved in the renovation of the intercellular substance of the dermis. Long-term regeneration of the skin may be accelerated by using modern coatings for wounds, creating favorable conditions.

Treating Toe Nail Fungus Effectively with Lasers

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Woman FeetIs laser an effective treatment for toe nail fungus? Recent clinical studies and results from doctors performing the procedure have proven that, yes, laser treatment is an effective pain free method of treating the organisms that cause toe nail fungus. Toe nail fungus is a common condition that occurs when a fungus caused by a small organism invades the area below the nail. Once the nail bed is infected, the fungus easily grows in this dark, damp area and is essentially protected by the nail that covers it. The nails of the infected toe take on a yellow discoloration, become thick, and can soften sometimes causing loss of the entire nail.
Laser treatment for toe nail fungus, also called onychomycosis, is a viable treatment option. Doctors are able to use two different wavelength beams of near-infrared light to penetrate the toenail and kill organisms causing the fungi infection. The laser is moved over the toe nail in a grid-like pattern to ensure every millimeter of the nail plate is treated. Laser treatment has pinpoint accuracy and only destroys the cells responsible for the infection having no effect on healthy tissue. Patients undergoing laser treatment report no side-effects and are able to walk out of the office procedure with little to no pain. The procedure itself only takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes per infected toe. Improvement to the aesthetics of the toe can be seen in as little as three months. A few people report seeing improvements in a matter of weeks, with complete results in six to nine months. Clinical studies have shown an eighty-seven percent effective rate, which is significantly higher than more traditional treatment options. In the past, topical lacquers and creams could not adequately penetrate the nail, and only produced positive results in eight percent of the patients who used them. Prescription oral medication, such as Lamisil, is about seventy percent effective, but has adverse side-effects on the liver and can cause skin rashes.

Autumn weather requires specific skin care

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Woman SkincareIn the climate we live in seasonal changes go hand in hand with the change of wardrobe. But the arrival of lower temperatures and means necessary to change the care of skin. When the thermometer begins to fall, follow the advice you give below to make the transition to winter in a smooth and without damage to your skin. Especially when it comes to facial skin, no universal rules for all. The only thing that is certain is that the summer cosmetics is not suitable for the cold months. Always comply with your skin type when choosing cosmetics. If you are not sure exactly what you need or have any autumn flare problem, consult a specialist dermatologist. Some face creams will protect your skin and will clear all the dark circles with feeding of the skin.
- For oily and / or acne-prone skin winter of the facial skin is particularly important. Any specialist will confirm that the funds are using this summer to deal with this type of leather, are completely unsuitable for cold days. If you continue to use these cleaners, you risk your skin to become rough and irritable.

If you use any product against acne, dermatologists recommend that it not contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and sulfur. Dry and cold weather exacerbate drying effects of these ingredients. Avoid and retinoids, which are most often on prescription – they can lead to peeling of the skin.

If during the summer period have been using anti-acne lotion detergent, now go to the product – lotion or better yet, cream-based formula.

- For dry and withered skin lotion use in cleaning, which is not penny. Foam, which caused such agents will further dry your skin. If you want to be more cautious replace lotion cream cleanser.

Not a good idea and anything from cosmetics you use contain alcohol. Alcohol removes the natural moisture and oily skin and makes it more susceptible to the influence of dry and cold weather.

Exfoliants! Dry skin can be shaped in the top layer of skin as a whole and make your face look rough and gray. By eksoliatsiyata it will remove dead cells and will fuel the growth of new, but with this and will regain its luster. Good eksfolienti-natural products are oatmeal, rice flour and Humata.

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