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What Makes Energy Drinks Work?

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

What Makes Energy Drinks WorkWell, most of us have tried an energy drink and have probably pondered the question ‘what makes energy drinks work?” Have you ever had a Red Bull, or a Monster Energy drink and wondered, why does this make me feel this way? Well, we have too, and the answer is quite simple. Like any other stimulant, pre-workout supplement or energy drink, the active ingredient is caffeine mixed in with a little flavoring. Some of the products do have extra ingredients that are beneficial, but that is rarely why they are purchased. Especially when it comes to pre workout supplements since they have a very specific purpose.

Lots of people are simply drinking Red Bulls now a days because they like the taste, and they really don’t even affect their energy anymore. It’s amazing to see people continue drinking energy drinks when it’s clear they aren’t doing anything for them; maybe it’s an addiction. Well that could be so, to this question of what makes energy drinks work, as most of us love a coffee to give us a boost throughout the day and this is just another form of taking caffeine.

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