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No use of violence in the education of children

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

ChildParents do not always consciously spank the child. In most cases this happens when you lose patience and fall into despair. Sometimes they can only hurt the child so that several times he repeated that it should not be done if a child has heard them. “All parents know how annoying and insulting is when children do not listen to them, but the outcome of the situation is not violence,” said a team of specialists. According to the results of their study commissioned by the American Academy of Pediatrics, 25 percent of families with two parents beat their children at least once a week. These 25 percent are of the opinion that this method of education helps. But actually it is only superficial results, scientists refute them: “As a rule, children are often struck by their parents as an educational method, begin to lie, they develop children’s aggression, anger and other deviations from their social behavior. These children are unable to make much needed and important difference between “good and bad,” they more often than others behave incorrectly behind the back “of their parents. Therefore unlikely that method of education can be defined as effective.
Experts offer several alternatives to the far better and lasting results:
1. Be firm and patient – the child will surely hear you if you speak firmly, but not with increased tone.
2. Pause – if you tell your child that you are now very angry and will therefore return to this issue later, in that it is not bad. It is better to postpone for a few minutes to talk and relax than to apply force.

Daughters to follow the pattern of education of their mothers

Monday, August 24th, 2009

DaughterThe expression “The daughter is like a mother” may be applied with full force when it comes to raising children. Women more than men tend to follow the advice of their mothers on their children’s education, a new study shows. Scientists from the U.S. University in Ohio examined data collected from 1133 young parents who were asked how many times they beat children in the last week, how often they embrace and promote and how often read stories to her children last month. Participants in the study were selected from a group whose parents participated in the survey in 1979. For the three investigated factors – frequency slap physical signs of affection and read stories – women very closely followed the pattern of behavior of their mothers. In men, the percentage of consistency was very low.

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