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Chinese medicine

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Chinese MedicineOnce a certain noble and virtuous Chinese was stricken by an unknown disease. Featured glorified his Ph.D. It Hua (now the name of that doctor has medicine to improve blood circulation in the brain). Doctor welcomed with great honors and ducts it to the patient. Practitioner silence the pulse of the patient, examined his tongue and held without gratitude large sum of money. Only the threshold casually: “I will send the recipe on the servant.” He said it very impolite. When the servant brought the paper, it appeared that it was not written prescription and a curse. Virtuous dignitary, known for his patience and fairness, he was really shocked by the attitude of Dr. Hua and it fell into a real rage. From his throat blood in. .. he recovered. It turned out that the reason for his illness was long and suppressing anger offish.
In this parable concludes the main principles of Chinese medicine – to treat the cause rather than investigation. The reason for each disease according to ancient Chinese harmony is disturbed. The man is indissolubly linked with the surrounding environment and the scale itself is a kind of universe. On this scale the universe is fundamentally inherent balance between emptiness and fullness, hot and cold, dark and light. At the heart of ancient Chinese medicine lie philosophical doctrines, including those known to Europeans and-jing (Book of changes) and Feng Shui.

Your hands are showing what is your sickness

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

HandAccording to traditional Eastern medicine health of a person can determine the state of his hands. The change in color of their skin may suggest the presence of one or another disease. Brown spots on top of the palms as speaking not only elderly but also for possible problems with bile. Red hands attest to toxic destruction of the liver – hepatitis or hepatose. The appearance of marble paintings “on them even a symptom of problems with the autonomic nervous system. If the skin of the hands is yellowish tint, probably there are variations in the liver or bile. If your skin is white small scales, this is a sign of deficiency of vitamin A and D. If the scales are larger, however, must seek help from a dermatologist because it is a fungus. The cold hands of alert disorders of peripheral circulation. And if you burn the palms, the liver does not deal with intoxication caused by poisoning by drugs, alcohol, chemical substances. Wet hands are characteristic of an overactive thyroid gland, a dry and pale skin – the hypofunction of this organ.
Periodic tingling in little finger may be indicative of problems with the cardiovascular system. If a similar situation occurred in the thumbs should be given to the respiratory system. If the fingertips have creases, like wrinkles, are likely to have diabetes mellitus.

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