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Overweight is not only ugly, but dangerous for the health

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Thin WomanAlong with concern that signs of obesity are seen in increasingly large part of the planet, scientists reported the trend that people increasingly perceive overweight as an aesthetic flaw, but not as a precondition for a serious health problem. The visceral fat as that accumulate in the body in the process of obesity, surround deployed in the abdomen vital organs. They do not see and feel, but their circumstances are such that most often lead to the emergence of heart disease or diabetes of the second type, and as we know, these are two diseases which take the largest number of victims annually. The enlargement of the hips can also be seen as a sign h accumulation of visceral or “hidden” fats in the body, which in turn are the cause of premature death in a much greater extent than overall obesity. The reassuring statement that along with weight reduction and its application in normal visceral fat levels are broken. The same is not true for the fat skin or subcutaneous fat, but they are not as risk factor, as visceral. An important condition to avoid diseases caused by excessive weight is to understand that overweight is not only spoil the look, but more largely affect health condition. Therefore, the promise of New Year’s diet is best to be linked to health benefits than a change in appearance.

Why genital infections can be dangerous

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

WomanAccording to statistics, today about 80% of all women at least once suffered from various infections are transmitted sexually. Moreover, the consequences of these infections may be much more serious than their signs, which as a rule are mostly discomfort and pain. The infections are sexually transmitted, falling and developing in the vagina, causing disturbances in its normal microflora. The genital infections with both developed and conditionally-pathogenic bacteria that cause of inflammatory diseases of the female genitals – salpingitis, salpingooforit, adnexyt, and cervicitis. Some inflammatory changes (especially inflammation of the cervix) can be converted into precancerous conditions, such as erosion. If these changes are not treated, they can switch in cancer. Some viruses are also considered onco-genes- such as papilloma virus. Some types of this virus (type 16 and type 18) are associated with increased risk of cancer of the cervix.

Is the botulism dangerous?

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

BotulismThe botulism has severe food toxic infection. The main reason for the spread of the disease micro Clostridium botulinum, caught in the canned vegetable. This germ develops in animals and human faeces and goes into the soil and thus – in fruits and vegetables. When canned product kept at room temperature and there are spores of bacillus, they begin to multiply and release toxins botulinov. This is an extremely powerful biological poison. Scientists say only 0 0000001 ml it kills guinea pig. The first sign that something is wrong is the double vision. It may occur after 6 hours, but may be delayed up to 3 or 10 days of consumption of contaminated food with botulism’s germs. Another sign is a dry throat – often you drink water, but you may not pass and drowning. Sometimes gets paresis of the tongue and lips and the patient can not speak. To impede movement of the hands and feet and fatigue occurs rapidly. The patient may die in full consciousness, if paralysis of respiratory muscles or heart. Development of the disease depends on the amount of poison commitments and the general condition of man.

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